Rabu, 21 November 2012

DREAD OUT, Indonesian Horror Game

At first glance I thought, oh no horror movie posters anymore (you can guess what I mean). Eh, I was wrong. It is a cover of a horror game made ​​in the nation. Dread Out, which was done by Digital Happiness - a team of developers from the city of Flower.

Reported by Rachmad Imron - Digital Producer Happiness, this game will be spec-friendly "Capital Pentium IV can already lah road, not too heavy, it can still be tweaked as well." He said. Besides the selection of the theme ghost of his own country because of culture and cultural influences that have been embedded in the minds of the public.

The story begins with the Dread Out Linda - the main characters are separated from friends - his friends, trying to reinvent the group. On his way to find friends - his friends, he would eradicate the demons are there with camera guns (sounds familiar, huh? Yep!, It's like the game Fatal Frame has played char women and capitalize camera)

Matter how piracy then? Our country's well known as an agricultural country (read: the farmer). They revealed, it will use a grassroots approach to selling in retail stores and bookstores. Of course, the price will be adjusted to the pockets of Indonesia along with additional bonus content for physical packaging.

Besides digital media-distribution is also taken to support this game more and more in the general public know. They will publish through Steam (or Greenlight?). This means the time for us to shine, that we are not inferior to foreign developers. Additionally your support means a lot to them, one of them by buying their works directly (do not use pirated!).

Release Date         : 2012
Genre                    : Horror
Publisher               : Digital Happiness
Developers            : -
Platform                : PC

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  1. This game is planned to be released this year. Can't wait. =D